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Brazil Country

It’s almost February, and here at Mommy Maleta, we are ready to unpack our 2nd suitcase – this time in South America.  We are on letter B, so let’s have a big round of applause for warm & sunny, soccer (football) loving & home to the 2014 World Cup country of…BRAZIL!

This summer when you watch The World Cup, a worldwide soccer (better known as football around the world) competition, look for faces painted green and yellow.  They will most likely be Brazilian soccer fans cheering for their country.  You can see the green and yellow country colors in the flag below.

The Brazilian Flag

The Brazilian Flag

Brazil Country Facts

  1. Brazil is the largest country on the continent South America.  It is the 5th largest country in the world, both by land area and population.  (Do you remember the 6th largest country?  Hint: we’ve been there already)  It also has one of the largest economies in the world.
  1. Population:  Nearly 200 million ( Sept. 23, 2013)
  2. Capital City:  Brasilia     Largest City:  Sao Paolo
  3. Religion:  Roman Catholic 64.6%, Protestantism 22.2%, No Religion 8%, Other Religions 5.2% (Wikipedia 2010)  Brazil has the 2nd highest Christian population in the world.
  4. Currency:  The Real
  5. Brazil is home to the biggest rain forest in the world.  It is called the Amazon Rain Forest.
  6. The Amazon River, the second largest river in the world after the Nile, flows through Brazil.
  7. Brazil covers three time zones and shares a border with every country in South America except for Ecuador and Chile.
  8. Brazil has won the World Cup (world soccer championships) five times.
  9. The Christ Redeemer statue is located in Brazil.  It is one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.
  10. There are around 2500 airports in Brazil.
  11. Brazil is home to a wide range of animals including armadillos, tapirs, jaguars and pumas.
Tapirs can be found in Brazil

Tapirs can be found in Brazil

Did you know that tapirs are a relative of the rhinoceros?  Find out more about tapirs and post a comment below to let me, and our other friendly followers, know what you learned.


  1. Alana R says

    I never knew so much about tapirs, until I read your site. Thanks! I had no idea that they were dangerously being hunted. I also didn’t know that they are pregnant for a year! WOW!

  2. Michelle and Tess says

    We like the tapirs nose. Didn’t know they ate at night. Also didn’t know they are hunted as source of food.

    • Mommy Maleta says

      Hi Mandy Thanks for checking out my blog. If you are interested in keeping with my purpose of educating young readers about the world through geography, language and culture, then I welcome your review. If you have any questions contact me at

  3. says

    Are you using Little Passports? I love that program! I tutored a little boy in geography last school year and we used the Little Passports program, which was an overwhelming success. He looked forward to getting his new packages in the mail, and discovering where Sam and Sofia had been. I definitely plan on using the program with my daughter when she is ready.

    • Mommy Maleta says

      I’m glad to hear the positive feedback on Little Passports. My oldest daughter “met” Sam & Sofia in 2nd grade and was very excited, along with my younger daughter, when we received our suitcase this past December. I will be writing a product review on Little Passports in the near future so stay tuned. And please link through my site when you join Little Passports. Thx!

    • Mommy Maleta says

      I wish I had documented a lot of more of my travels as well, but I am thankful that I have been able to just live and enjoy these worldwide experiences and can now process much of it as I write my blog posts.

  4. says

    This is a bookmarker indeed. With a grandson who is just about the right age for needing this kind of information and a computer with skype, I can lead him over to discuss your posts in more detail. Thanks for the additional links for information

    • Mommy Maleta says

      You are very welcome. I hope you and your grandson enjoy Mommy Maleta! If you make any of the crafts or recipes, please write back & send photos to let me know how they turn out.

  5. says

    What a great website and post….! A wealth of info to help educate children on the countries of the world! I am pinning the website for future use. Thanks!

    • Mommy Maleta says

      So glad to hear your kids enjoy learning about other countries. I hope they continue to explore the world at Mommy Maleta!

  6. says

    Funnily enough, I actually did know that tapirs are related to rhinos! I volunteered at the San Francisco Zoo for two years (over 800 hours!), and learned many things, knowledge which I passed onto zoo visitors. Some of the things visitors did not know really surprised me! Particularly when adults thought a white bear pelt must be a grizzly bear, while their children as young as 5-years-old knew it was a polar bear right away!

    My mother made an effort to make sure we knew something about world history, and different cultures around the world when I was growing up. So I actually knew about everything on the list already, except for the fact that Brazil had won the World Cup so many times! That’s very impressive. I think this is a very well-balanced list of facts, sharing plenty of interesting info tidbits. Thanks for sharing!

    • Mommy Maleta says

      What a great experience working at the San Francisco zoo! And how great of your mother to instill an appreciation for world history and cultures in your life. You’ll have to make her some Brazilian Brigadeiros or Australian Anzac Biscuits for her for Mother’s Day!

  7. says

    Having a 4th grader and 6th grader, this will come in handy. I loved the recipe for Brazil. Yes, I had to go check it out. Thank you for the nice easy to read layout.

    • Mommy Maleta says

      Thank you. Be sure to click on the follow button & follow the prompts so you can get my posts delivered right to your inbox!

  8. says

    This is wonderful. So happy to be introduced to your blog through Blogelina. I’m about to follow you on social media. I had actually never even heard of the Tapir, that I can recall. I also did not know that Brazilian currency was referred to as the Real.

    • Mommy Maleta says

      Thx for following me on pinterest. You can also subscribe to Mommy Maleta by clicking on the follow button in the lower right hand corner on my site. That way you will get every post delivered right to your inbox!

  9. says

    How fun! I always enjoy reading about other countries. We lived in Turkey for two years because of the military and I really hope we get to travel more in the near future. I would LOVE to go Brazil one day. Just looks so beautiful there. Thank you for the great info!

    • Mommy Maleta says

      Turkey! That is a country I would like to visit. I hope you do get to travel more in the near future. Email me a photo if you make it to Brazil!

  10. says

    Very informative! I would love to travel to South America and Brazil has always intrigued me. The Christ the Saviour statue is something my husband and I would love to see. I think it’s interesting that an animal in Brazil is related to an animal in Africa; I feel like I’m ready for an episode of Jeopardy! :)

    • Mommy Maleta says

      If you do make it to Brazil please send me a photo of The Christ the Saviour Statue! I’ll post it for all the Mommy Maleta readers. And quick, just to practice for Jeoparday…here’s your clue…an animal found in Brazil that is related to the rhinoceros…(make sure you answer in the form of a question!)

  11. says

    This is great. We are part of a homeschool coop that meets monthly and we take 1 continent per month. We are doing Europe this year so I hope you continue to add countries b/c I would send the kids here for research if our countriees get covered.
    PS Love the font for comments

    • Mommy Maleta says

      We should make it to Europe when we get to letter F. Be sure to subscribe to Mommy Maleta so you’ll know exactly when that is! Just click the follow button and respond to the prompts. And I’m glad you like my comment font!

    • Mommy Maleta says

      Oh, I feel bad about the plane crash, but I’m glad you still want to visit Brazil! Be sure to email a photo if you get there!

  12. says

    I love posts of this type – so informative – and yours is beautiful. I love the pictures and all the facts you listed. I didn’t know much about Brazil before reading this – so I thank you much for expanding my knowledge today in such an awesome way! 😀

    • Mommy Maleta says

      You’re very welcome! Be sure to subscribe by clicking the follow button on my site – that way your knowledge will just keep on expanding every week with each new post!

  13. says

    I had to laugh because this was a great post for me. My best friend’s partner is from Brazil and he is always talking about the country, and the World Cup. I feel I have some knowledge now, and of course, we hope to visit one day when the kids are older. Thanks for sharing.

  14. says

    Wow! These facts broken down make it easy to separate Brazil from many of its other neighbors in South America.

    Thank you for making this fun–I most definitely will be peppering these facts into our conversation when we watch soccer!

    • Mommy Maleta says

      You’re welcome. Make sure to check out my 3rd post in the Brazil series as well. You can make your own table top soccer game!

  15. says

    How fun! I love learning facts about places. We’re studying South America in our homeschool right now and loving it. We just learned that Chile is as long as the US from coast to coast. Thought that was pretty neat.

  16. says

    I homeschool also and I think that my kids, well at least my 8 year old would love to do something like this. It’s a fun way to learn about geography!

    • Mommy Maleta says

      Great! Be sure to subscribe to Mommy Maleta by clicking the follow button on my site so your 8 year old can continue to get these posts to learn about world geopgraphy!

  17. says

    This was a very informative post! I have several friends that served religious missions in Brazil, but I must admit I didn’t know very much about the country prior to reading this. Thanks!!

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