DIY Hanging Elephant Craft


Welcome to Mommy Maleta where we explore the world one suitcase at a time. Recently, we unpacked our suitcases in Thailand. We are currently on week three of our Thailand series which means it is time for a Thai craft. Today I’m going to show you how to make a DIY hanging elephant craft because the elephant is the national symbol of Thailand.

Make a Thai inspired DIY hanging elephant craft. Thailand, where elephants have been revered, is a beautiful country for travel.

In post one of our Thailand series I mentioned that my husband and I went to Thailand in December 2003. We had a wonderful experience going to an elephant show to watch these amazing animals play soccer, stack logs, and paint pictures! Following the show we took an elephant ride through a beautiful lush, tropical forest area.

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Elephant Painting A Picture In Thailand

Elephants are an endangered species, and according to the Thai Elephant Conservation Center, there has been some contraversy regarding elephant camps like the one my husband and I visited. Some overseas animal rights groups have argued that the camps promote cruelty. The conservation center, however, says that although camps should be carefully selected, tourists are really being kind when they visit a camp and enjoy the elephants because tourism supplies the means for owners to care for their animals.

While we won’t make it to an elephant camp today, let’s enjoy these large, tusked friends by making a simple, but adorable, DIY hanging elephant craft which was inspired by blogger and designer, Cameron, over at Cottage Industrialist. We’ll start by gathering our supplies.


    • Three 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of cardstock
    • Scissors
    • Twine (Amazon affiliate link pictured below)
    • Scotch tape


  • Print 3 patterned elephants from Cottage Industrialist
  • Cut out the elephants
  • Vertically space the elephants about 3 inches apart with the back of the paper facing up
  • Cut a long piece of twine and attach it to each elephant with tape. Make sure there is enough twine extending from the top elephant so you can hang your patterned trio. They will look something like this…


Something else to keep in mind is that you can use a cut out elephant as a template for other designs. Just trace one of your cut outs on a patterned piece of scrapbook paper or wrapping paper, and make as many uniquely designed elephants as you want.

I hope you enjoyed making this DIY hanging elephant craft with me today. If your elephant’s good memory rubs off on you, be sure to remember to join me next week for the final post in our Thailand series. We will be cooking up a delicious Thai recipe.

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